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Reflections of Home (Print) Songbook for Solo Piano

Instrumentation: Piano Solo

Duration: 54'

Difficulty: Intermediate 

Printing: Physical sheet music is currently only printed in response to orders. This may alter the typical product delivery timeline.


A Note from the Composer:

Reflections of Home is an homage to the first works I composed: the music that initially compelled me to pursue my dream. While much of what I write today seems worlds apart from these original pieces, there are strong connections between all of my music, even when it is not readily apparent. Half of the music in this collection are revised and expanded versions of a few of my very first compositions. The other half of this album are pieces I composed in honor of these musical roots.


Reflections of Home is, in many ways, a literal title. It is impossible for me to compose, play, or hear this music without thinking of my youth, my childhood house, or my family’s piano. In fact, the music itself feels like a compositional home. These works are the origins of everything I create today, and no matter how far from these beginnings myself or my artistic interests travel, this music will always be my home.

Reflections of Home (Print) Songbook for Solo Piano

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